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This website is designed to be the source of the latest news & information for everyone involved in or with our Football Club.  While you are here, please take the time to visit our sponsors web page so we can show support for those who support us.

Ridge Hills is a community Junior & Senior Football Club associated with Football Brisbane, Football Queensland, Moreton Bay United Football Club, Baptist Church League and Commercial Football. Our facilities are also home to other community groups such as the Aspley Camera Club. 

If you or your children are interested in playing football please feel free to contact me at any time, for further information. Similarly if you represent an organization or group who would like to talk to us about the hire of our facilities just send a message with your details to our Secretary and we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you for visiting Ridge Hills online, you should also visit us on the park.


Troy Yule


We are a well-managed, financially secure community football club with a strong and diverse membership operating from a good quality facility. We have mutually beneficial relationships with numerous community organisations which provide a ‘community hub’ environment where people of all ages are encouraged to participate in football and other activities.   

We provide affordable opportunities to play and enjoy the game of football in a positive, family friendly and inclusive environment. We provide a range of innovative programs to encourage participation and engage with the local community to promote and foster the sport of football.  

By implementing our values consistently we will be guided towards greater achievement and success.
Community: A united environment that encourages cooperation, participation, diversity and support.  
Teamwork: Working collaboratively and developing and maintaining productive relationships based on mutual respect.  
Inclusiveness: We welcome diversity and encourage harmony.  
Participation: We encourage involvement, commitment and contribution. 
Sportsmanship: We encourage competitive integrity and fair play combined with effort and persistence.  
Enjoyment: We provide a fun environment for people to be active and involved both on and off the pitch.